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It's not just about our coding courses, it's all about a better tomorrow for your kids.

NovoJolt Is Canada's Fastest, Most Fun, and Affordable Way to Learn How to Code.

An immeasurable leap forward in education that prepares your child for the 21st century world of work.

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Advanced Coding Fundamentals

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Computational thinking to build a game application

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Artificial Intelligence and its real-life application

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Problem solving and creative thinking skills

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Creating Musical Productions Using Code

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Building Video Games Using Code

Guaranteed to Be Interactive, Fun and Fulfilling.

With NovoJolt your children will learn how to build everything from advanced machine learning algorithms to building exciting apps & games, that are guaranteed to be interactive, fun and fulfilling. Start with the building blocks of code or jump into mastering real coding languages like JavaScript.

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Real Coding Languages

Courses teach a wide variety of coding languages through a super intuitive platform. Children can jump right into them without needing an introductory course or previous coding background.

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Live Lessons Done Right

A qualified live teacher engages your child in personalized learning and teaches the limitless possibilities of thinking and creating with code.

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Fun-Filled Learning

Supercharge their learning with our multi-step gamified methods as they learn to build anything from exciting games to advanced algorithms, while they earn rewards and badges to crown their acheivements.

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Monitor the Progress

One-of-a-kind family dashboard that provides ultimate scheduling flexibility, real-time student support, and post-session progress reports accessible from your phone, computer, or tablet from anywhere in the world.

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Created and Delivered by Experts for Free.

Our free courses are delivered by live teachers who will engage your child in a personalized learning experience. With highly visual tutorials and easy-to-follow instructions, your kids will be coding in no time with our free offered courses.

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Get Started with the Fundamental Coding Concepts for Free

Enhance your child's coding literacy by getting them introduced to the fundamental coding concepts through our free live instructor-led courses. Coding experience is not needed to attend our courses, because our focus is to build coding literacy for your child.

The Best Investment You Can Make in Your Child’s Future.

Give your little superstars a head start. The introduction of programming to children has been shown to boost creativity and communication skills. With NovoJolt, your child will enter this world with confidence and the freedom to learn on their own terms.

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huge thanks for the amazing online program they initiated due to school closures. My daughter is loving it.

Dayna Taylor, Parent

LOVE that the kids can do this BY THEMSELVES! Even little kindergarten students, as they primary version is done by pictures.
This looks VERY ENGAGING and I can see ALL students wanting to be involved in this learning
I love how they have directly linked it to the Ontario Curriculum so I don't have to!

Rebecca, French Teacher.

RoboGarden converts training of logic thinking, the essence of program coding, into a joyful game, making the code learning a truly fun experience.

Jia Xu, Software Engineer, Google Inc.

Student friendly tools and resources
Comes with Ontario based curriculum lessons for teachers
Students get to play with robots! Nothing beats that!!

Lezlie, Teacher

Part way through the bootcamp, I had already started hitting my goals!

Kingsley Okoro

It is a good first step to integrating coding and hardware literacy within my science classroom.

Mark, Teacher

I love this and have done it in the past but the technology and company we used was not as advanced as Logics. I think many students and educators can help students in various ways as it helps with executive functioning

Ashley, Special Education Teacher

It shows students a simplified way to code or manipulate the robot through technology. They can see that they have the power to manage and control the robot's functions my a push of a button. Computational skills are build upon and mastered at a young age.

Brasilia, Teacher

Students get to complete a hands on activity with a competitive aspect. The programs sound engaging and educational. The cost of the program to fair in comparison to other programs.

Teacher, Middle School, High ELL Population

I love this as an introduction to programming and code for students. Coding becomes accessible and intuitive.

Alison, Digital Literacy Support Teacher

I like “RoboGarden: The learning By Coding Game”. Web-based learning/teaching development has been proven effective and efficient in assisting students to acquire knowledge and training skills, particularly in the STEM fields

Weizhao Zhao, Director of Medical Physics

This is the best coding classes for kids in the market, with affordable prices and high-quality content.

Sahar Gargary

It is fun and motivating for students. It's aligned with Canadian curriculum and spans across all grades and subjects. It allows for students to feel empowered and independent

Isilda, Vice Principal,  Elementary School